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Studiomaster SK102

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Studiomaster is breaking onto the scene with high quality musical gear at the most affordable prices. The SK102 Spider Arm keyboard stand is a four arm, central body, collapsible dual keyboard stand perfect for live shows, studios, or at home. It also comes with a small, straight arm, mic extension for the top of the stand to allow an all-in-one, easily accessible live experience!

All of this while looking sleek and styley, the Studiomaster SK102 is exactly what every keyboard player needs.


  • Four foldable arms (accessible from top compartment)
  • Foldable legs (spring-loaded push release from central stand)
  • Small Mic arm extension
  • Allen Key for adjustability


  • Height (unfolded): 1200 mm
  • Folded Dimension: 125*135*1335mm
  • Arm length:

– upper arm 395 mm

 – Lower arm 470 mm

  • Load Capacity (STATIC LOAD ONLY):

– upper arms 20kg

– lower arms 20kg

  • Adjustable height:

– upper layer 900-1100 mm

– lower layer 680-880 mm

  •   Weight: 7kg.